Tuesday, 7 October 2014

They're there.

They're there, you know? When you close your eyes
Despite what you've heard, your parents told lies
When they said that there's nothing to give you a fright
When they tuck you in and they turn off your light
There is, there is, on one night they're there
Watching you sleeping and stroking your hair

There they will wait and they'll wait there all night
They've nothing to do but give children a fright
They'll sit on your chest and they'll wait for their prize
All that they need is you open your eyes
For it's then, only then, that they're able to pounce
To stop you from screaming they'll first eat your mouth

All year they have waited and now autumn's here
The night of their visit grows ever near
That wondrous eve when they rise from their tombs
And giggle and whistle and hide in your rooms
They watch and  they wait 'til you flick off that switch
And signal the start of the night of the witch

All that they crave is your precious, sweet soul
To scare you to death and then swallow you whole
Is it too much to ask? They don't take everyone
Just you and your friends, then away they'll be gone
And just to be fair, they've given fair warning
Just keep those eyes shut and shut tight until morning

Now heed my words and heed them well
They'll know you're awake for your terror they'll smell
They're patient, they'll wait for as long as they must
Until the morning's fresh sunlight turns them back to dust
Don't murmur, don't fidget, don't dare to peep
Pretend if you must, but you must stay asleep

And what if you don't? What would happen then?
A terrible fate is in store for you when
Your eyes flicker open and glance round your room
They'll rush from the corners and shadows and gloom
They screech and they'll chatter and rush to your bed
And feed upon flesh of a child, newly dead

So remember, dear children, this story I tell
Remember my words, remember them well
They're waiting for you every year on this night
To see your eyes open before the sunlight
Comes creeping through your window pane
And makes your bedroom safe again

They'll leave the next morning, each year just the same
They'll slither off back to from whence they came
But be assured, children, next year again
They'll come creeping back, waiting for that moment when
You've opened your eyes in the dark and you've seen
The horror awaiting you on...


John Spacey.

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