Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's in a name?

One of my favourite parts of writing the first two books in the Kissy Sizzle series has been coming up with names for each chapter. These are the contents pages, and the first page of the story, for the second book, The Plight of the Bumble Bee.

John Spacey.

The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle Verse II, The Plight of the Bumble Bee.

Release date May 31st, 2014.

Today I am very proud to announce that the second book, or "verse", in The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle is finished and ready to go live.

The Blurb.

Verse II, “The Plight of the Bumble Bee”, picks up the continuing adventures of Kissy Sizzle four years after The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle, Verse I.  Kissy, accompanied by her friends and acquaintances, ventures back into the world she left behind, and beyond, in her mission to save the three worlds. Facing enemies both new and old, travelling through time and space, Kissy is searching for the Bumble Bee, imprisoned by the forces of evil in their attempt to wreak starvation and pestilence upon the world. Travelling further than she has ever traveled before, and facing danger and intrigue along the way, join Kissy, Kian and company in an adventure of truly epic proportions.

“The Plight of the Bumble Bee” is the second verse in the continuing Ballad of Kissy Sizzle. Taking the story further back in time, to a land of magic, wonder, poverty and riches. And a dragon. Every good story needs a dragon.  

John Spacey.

A bit of background...

Late last year I was persuaded to have a go at getting my children's story, "The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle", published. 

Originally, since I had zero confidence in my writing abilities, I chose to publish under a pseudonym and release the book exclusively on Kindle.

I sold a few ebooks and, buoyed by this rather small success, began work on the second book, "The Plight of the Bumble Bee". I also opted to move away from ebooks and made book one available as a paperback. This meant earning far less on each sale but the satisfaction I got from seeing photographs of my physical book posted on Twitter more than made up for it. I was even asked to sign a copy, leading to a day or two of my wandering around Horwich with a chest like a pigeon and a grin fixed in place.

I also decided to begin using my real name. I can't tell you what a buzz it is whenever I see a book on a shelf with my name on it.

I didn't, and still don't, believe I'll ever "make it" as an author, but people have read my words and taken the time to pass back to me some very positive feedback. If I never sell another copy I'll still count this episode in my life as a success.

To all of you that have bought "The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle" I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've made an old man very happy and I love you all.

For any of you that haven't already read my book and that want to just follow the link (Below) to my lovely Amazon store where you can find my book(s) along with many other lovely tomes.

John Spacey.