Saturday, 9 August 2014

Even Newer Newest News...

The third and final installment in the trilogy, 
Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song
 now has a release date, and even a shiny, new cover.

If you've been a fan of young Ms Sizzle, or even if you're new to the Ballad, this is the one you DON'T want to miss.

Follow Kissy and her companions on the holiday of a lifetime, a holiday that will take them to the world that should never have been.

The most exciting verse, Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song will lead you on a journey that stretches from the Scottish highlands to the white cliffs of Dover as Kissy, Kian and company battle against overwhelming odds to put right what has been put wrong.

Could this adventure really be Kissy's swan song?

Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song, release date September 10th, 2014.

John Spacey.

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