Saturday, 5 July 2014

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Verse III in the Ballad of Kissy Sizzle

Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song.

The last book in the increasingly popular Kissy trilogy, Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song,
follows Kissy and Kian on another epic adventure.

Join Kissy in a world you've never known, but so easily could have.

Taking  place several years after the conclusion of verse II, The Plight of the Bumble Bee, Kissy, together with a band of acquaintances both new and familiar, takes a final stand against an old and long forgotten enemy. Travel with her to a world of danger and intrigue as she tries to put right that which has been put wrong.

Release date : TBA

To celebrate the impending launch of the final book, and for one week only, you can purchase verse I

The Ballad of Kissy Sizzle

on Kindle for just 99pence.

(Be quick, offer ends July 11th, 2014.)

Check back soon for more news on the adventures of young Ms Sizzle,
Kian, Master Harris and company in their ultimate adventure...

Kissy Sizzle's Swan Song.

John Spacey.

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